The Sprinkle Genies



"Nauga Vishnu is featured in The Break Up Artist the new indie hit by Director Vincent Rabino. The Break Up Artist won the Audience Award in the 2004 Hampton's Film Festival. It is a romantic comedy that takes a rare look at romance and relationships from a decidely different angle...the unapologetic male point of view. The Breakup Artist is a no-holds-barred, soul-baring look at one man's struggles with life, love and his unending quest to find a woman he can stay with...for longer than six months. Before the Breakup Artist can learn from the troubled romantic ruins of his past...he must overcome the one debilitating dating disorder that has addled him all of his life...RADD (Romantic Attention Deficit Disorder)!"


The Village Voice"In Sprinkle Genies' ''Springtime', a girl and a guy harmonize sweetly about getting laid, avoiding E.coli, mixing Vodka Collins and beating up Henry Rollins (it rhymes!) over pleasant, upbeat folk-rock. I think I have a new favorite song."

Amy Phillips, Village Voice

"Of course, you've known about the Sprinkle Genies for years, and how their infectious mix of trash and treasure will leave you thinking of an anti-folk version of X. The Genies are your stoner friends from high school who never really grew up, spent their time playing guitar and reading Hegel in some patchouli-laced hippie-house."

New York Waste

"They are the masters of 'slacker' rhythms and sly, lazy lyrics"

Pierre Jelenc, Pepper of the Earth

"Hands down one of the best power-pop-country-everything else bands out there. They mostly just play New York City and the surrounding area, but just give them time to tour and they'll flabbergast the world. They always put on a great show and they always impress. Plus they have lots of local celebrity friends that frequently join them on-stage for a song or two."

"Great garage-rock with garbage can percussion."

Steve Espinola, March 25, 2004

"One of the best bands to come out of the Antifolk scene."

Dale Filsmore, February 14, 2004

"They're pretty damned good, with two hot members in prominent positions. I didn't notice them do my favorite cut of theirs,''Office Blowboy.'. Such is life."

Jon Berger, August 2003

"The sounds of seaty, sexy blues rock/psychedelia played by jip indie rockers in a drunken, hostile roadhouse."

Phillip Sevoran, April 2003

"Sprinkle Genies have everything you want in a band--good songs and beautiful women, and a sense of ingenuousness that shines out over their slightly cynical pose."

Melpomene Whitehead, Subdermal